We love Portugal and its no secret we aim for more Portuguese wines in Sweden. We truly believe this is the number one country when its comes to price quality ratio.

Portugal has something for everyone. Amazing fortified wines as port, madeira and moscatel, elegant, crispy, dry white from Minho or Encruzado from Dão making serious, rich, structured wines with extraordinary ageing potential; fruity, fullbodied reds from Alentejo or  ​rich, complex wines from Douro just to mention a few. 

Part of the charm with Portugal is the number of indigenous grapes. More than 250 native grape varieties - and most of these varieties do not exist elsewhere in the world. 

Its the home of field blends. In many of the old vineyards, sometimes well over a hundred years, the varieties grow side by side. A field blend is a wine that is made of multiple grape varieties, harvested at the same time, from a single vineyard.  Historically wines were made this way to ensure that every vineyard produced instead of losing an entire crop if a field of just one variety did not ripen. Today the winemakers has learnt to master these fields to make exceptional old-wine blends. Sometimes without knowing what varieties they actually pick. 

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